Japan Corona Virus(COVID-19) Cases are Low: Without A Complete LOCKDOWN

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As we can see increased number of Corona positive cases in US(203,848), Italy(110,574), Spain(102,136). The number of deaths and infections from the global corona virus pandemic is now larger outside China, where the outbreak began, than inside the country. I was wondering how few countries like JAPAN is able to control the spread without having complete LOCKDOWN in country. Then I asked my friend who is working in japan.
Tokyo in japan


Yes Japanese people are always leading a disciplined and cultured life style. I analyzed about it and probably it is because of the culture of Japanese people where the rules suggested to prevent Corona virus were practiced by them from childhood. Lets just have a look what are their habits that is breaking this Corona Virus Chain without a Lockdown.
As we all know Japan was one of the first countries outside China to report its first COVID-19 case on January. But since then Japan cases have risen less rapidly than other countries. Japan has took measures to prevent the virus spreading across the country by shutting down schools and calling off public events. Life continues as normal for much of the people.Still Tokyo rush-hour trains are packed and restaurants remain opened. Also Japan has the high percentage of old people like Italy. Tokyo has highest number of foreigners living. Tokyo is one of the best tourist attraction with lot of foreigners.
Trains in Japan
Lets see their habits which helped them in breaking the chain.

1. Japanese people usually wear masks when they travel or come out

Usually you can see 60% wearing masks daily on normal days. Even they catch very little cold they wear masks. This was their culture which helped in stopping the spread and cuts the chain. 
Normally any public facing person like receptionist, govt officers, doctors, nurses, station masters, train staff, police,  janitors, etc wear masks daily at work. During winter they make children to wear a mask Daily so that they don't bother others when they catch cold. At home they have kodomo mask box and normal mask box.  Kodomo mask is for children which fits them properly. 
Mask Wearing in Japan

2. Japanese lead a life where they don't bother others

They don't litter anything. They use dustbins only to litter or spit. Cleanliness is the part of their culture. They were taught how to be clean and public behavior before learning alphabets in schools. 
Dustbins in Japan

3. They don't do handshake but bow to greet

Bow greet in Japan

4. Their washing hands is a part of culture

They have soaps and sanitizers in public toilets, office entrances and usually in every public space. Using sanitizers is pretty common which prevented spread of virus. 
Hand washing culture in Japan

5. In restrooms the people wash their hands and also clean and wipe the sink area too to make it comfortable for the next person to use it

This is a usual practice in public metro stations too. 
Restroom usage discipline in Japan

6. They carry wet tissue packets to clean their hands occasionally when they go out

Tissue usage in Japan

7. They usually maintain social distance with all

This helped Japan to prevent lockdown. These rules were part of Japanese culture which they practice with perfection. Something to learn from Japan. I thought not only during this Corona virus break down time, but in normal days also, peoples in different part of the world should follow these kind of habits in their day to day life.

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