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This post is exactly dedicated to travel lovers. Yes, I am gonna share one of my beautiful experience in my travel dairies. Wondering which place is that ! none other than JOG FALLS.
Monsoonview of jogfalls
  • Jog falls is located near Jog village in sagar, Karnataka. Can find the location in map using the link
  • Jog falls is the India's second highest plunge waterfall. It depends on season to become a plunge waterfall.
  • Jog falls is created by Sharavathi river, flowing over a rocky bed of about 230m wide and reaches a deep fissure of 290m deep.
  • Water comes down in four distinct falls namely Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani.
    4 distinct falls Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer
  • Approximately 1400 steps have been constructed to reach the bottom of the hill, from where water fall can be viewed from opposite side.
  • Best time to visit Jog falls is:
    • Monsoon season: June - September
    • Winter season: November - February
  • Snacks items are sold at the view place.
  • Variety of options are available to stay near jog falls
    • Easily obtain online bookings in Shivamogga
    • Can find accommodation in government owned tourist bungalows.
    • State forest department's bungalows. 
  • Way of reaching Jog falls by:
    • AIR : Nearest Hubli airport is 133 km far, can take taxi/bus from here.
    • RAIL : Nearest Shivamogga railway station is 102.7 km far, can take taxi/bus from here.
    • ROAD : Bangalore is 372 km far, can take taxi/bus as good networked road is connected.
  • Plan for a trip and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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