Prediction of CORONA by 14-year-old Abhigya Anand in August 2019 itself

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Today when i saw a YouTube video regarding SEVERE DANGER TO THE WORLD FROM NOV 2019 TO APRIL 2020---Abhigya . I just wondered when this video was uploaded ? Who is this kid ? How his predictions are so accurate ?
Abhigya Anand predicted Corona in 2019 August
Yes I am speaking about this 14 year old kid Abhigya Anand, who has mastered in Astrology. He went to a government school for local education in Srirangapatna. He has already done with his Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology. He has also been awarded the Karnataka State award in the year 2015.

Below are some of his predictions for the year 2019-2010

  1. Australian Bush fire
  2. Attack on iran-assaination
  3. CAA
  4. Corona
  5. Air Industry and motor vehicle industry will be affected
  6. Transportation will be affected
  7. Aeroplane companies will get affected
  8. Disease across world
  9. Main country affected:CHINA
  10. Rich countries would go on to take a huge hit economically: coming risk of recession
Yes in his video he has mentioned about all the above things in August 2019 itself. All happened in between nov 2019- april 2020 as per his predictions. Please watch the below video for more information.
In his another video he also stated that corona virus is gonna gradually decrease post may 29th. All his predictions were accurate and lets see this also.Lets Hope for the best.
Amazed by seeing this kid's talent!

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