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Planning to learn Japanese language(日本語)? I am gonna share my knowledge from basics. Follow my posts to start with introduction to until clearing JLPT exams for different levels.


Japanese(Nihongo) is the national language of Japan, spoken by about 128 million people. It makes extensive use of Chinese characters(kanji). Lets not dig deep into history of the language. Lets start by learning Japanese scripts.


Written Japanese uses 3 different scripts.
  • HIRAGANA (ひらがな)
  • KATAKANA (カタカナ)
  • KANJI (漢字)


Hiragana is a basic Japanese alphabets. I am posting a chart below with all the hiragana alphabets with their pronounciation given in English.
Hiragana alphabets with pronounciation
Now read all the alphabet pronounciation and try to remember the alphabets. So now the question is how to remember the alphabets, its bit difficult right!. Let me make that easy for you. At beginning in order to remember the alphabets, we need to compare each and every alphabets to some things/actions/objects which contain the alphabets pronounciation, so that pictures we can easily recall and map it to alphabets. Lets try this by considering the below chart.
Hiragana alphabets with pictorial mapping
Now we can compare and recall the letters. Practice it for a week, by writing and pronouncing these many times. Once we will start with lessons and reading sentences, we will be able to recall it easily as other languages.
When it comes to hiragana writing we should always follow a stroke order, we can't write the alphabets in random order. So i am sharing chart with stroke orders for 46 hiragana alphabets.
Hiragana alphabets with stroke order
So try practicing the alphabets, stroke order, pronounciation and recall by pictures. Practice all these things for a week and follow my blog for next lesson👍. Any questions will be answered in comment section.
For next lesson go through the link JAPANESE LANGUAGE LEARNING - KATAKANA .

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