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Hope you have learnt hiragana completely. If not then please go through my previous post JAPANESE LANGUAGE LEARNING- HIRAGANA . Now we will start with one more written Japanese script KATAKANA(カタカナ).


Katakana specifically used for transcription of foreign language words into Japanese, writing of loan words, for technical and scientific terms, for names of plants, animals and companies. It's usage is quite similar to italics in English. I am posting a chart below with all the katakana characters with their pronounciation.
Katakana alphabets with pronounciation
Now read all the alphabets with their pronounciation. You will find that pronounciation is same as Hiragana. So now the way of writing it is different, few are similar to hiragana. Now again remembering it in same way as we did before. Compare it to some picture and memorize it. This technique is only used at beginning phase. Once you are used to it, you will remember it as easily as other language alphabets. Let's do this by having a look at the below chart.
Katakana alphabets with pictorial mapping
Now practice this for a week. Don't get confused with Hiragana and Katakana alphabets. Practice both everyday. Again we have to consider stroke order while writing Katakana alphabets. If you are following stroke order then you won't make mistakes while writing these alphabets. Let's have a look at stroke order in the below chart.
Katakana alphabets with stroke order
Now try practicing and get perfect in a week. And try not to forget hiragana also. Get perfect in Hiragana and Katakana. Next post will start with N5 lessons. Enjoy learning new language👍. Any questions will be answered in comments section or mail us your questions.

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